How to Prepare For Your NTSA Driving Test Exams: Tips and Guidelines

How to Prepare For Your NTSA Driving Test Exams.

If you are planning to get your driving license in Kenya, you will need to pass the NTSA Driving Test Exams. These exams consist of two parts: a theory test and a practical test.

The theory test covers traffic rules and regulations, while the practical test assesses your driving skills and abilities.

To pass these exams, you need to prepare well and follow some tips and guidelines.

A picture of a driving school car
The NTSA Driving Test Exams are the final hurdle to getting your driving license in Kenya. They test your knowledge of traffic rules and regulations, as well as your driving abilities. This article will give you the best tips and guidelines on how to pass the theory and practical tests/Image Credit:

In this article, we will show you how to ace your NTSA Driving Test Exams and get your license in no time but first, let’s look at what the exam entails.

Part 1: Driving theory test

In this first stage of the exams which typically lasts for 5 -10 minutes., you will undergo a theory test encompassing the following components:

  1. Model Town Board: You’ll be provided with a toy car and directed to navigate it to a specific location on the model town board.
  2. Road Signs: You’ll be shown random road signs and required to correctly identify at least half of them.

Note: Failing the theory test disqualifies you from advancing to the second stage, which consists of the practical driving test.

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Part 2: Practical Driving Test

During the practical driving test, you will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  1. Preparing and Starting to Drive: Demonstrating proper preparation and execution of vehicle startup procedures.
  2. Making Turns: Showing proficiency in making turns safely and effectively, including signaling and observing traffic.
  3. Changing Gears While Driving: Successfully changing gears in response to road conditions and speed requirements.
  4. Accelerating and Applying Brakes: Skillfully accelerating and decelerating the vehicle while maintaining control and adherence to speed limits.
  5. Reversing and Three-Point Turn: Maneuvering the vehicle in reverse and performing a three-point turn with precision and awareness of surroundings.

Your performance in these areas will determine your success in the practical driving test.

A picture of a woman and male driving instructor during driving test
A picture of a woman and male driving instructor during a driving test/Image Credit/ Shutterstock

Tips and Guidelines

An infographic showing 5 Tips on How to Prepare For Your NTSA Driving Test Exams
An infographic showing 5 Tips on How to Prepare For Your NTSA Driving Test Exams.

Here are some of the tips you need to ace your NTSA Driving Test Exams:

1. Study the Highway Code

The Highway Code is a booklet that contains the rules and regulations for road users in Kenya.

You can get a copy of the Highway Code from your driving school, NTSA offices, or online.

You should read and understand the Highway Code thoroughly, as it will help you answer the questions in the theory test.

You should also familiarize yourself with the traffic signs and signals, road markings, and speed limits.

2. Practice your driving skills

The practical test will require you to demonstrate your driving skills and abilities in different situations and scenarios.

You should practice your driving skills with a qualified instructor or a licensed driver.

You should also practice on different types of roads and in different weather and traffic conditions.

You should pay attention to your speed, steering, braking, gear changing, parking, reversing, and turning. You should also practice how to deal with hazards, emergencies, and special situations.

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3. Book your test in advance

You can book your NTSA Driving Test Exams online through the NTSA portal or your driving school.

You should book your test in advance, as there may be a waiting period or a limited number of slots available. You should also choose a convenient date and time for your test, and make sure you have all the required documents ready.

4. Be confident and calm

On the day of your test, you should be confident and calm. You should arrive at the test center early, and check your vehicle for any defects or problems.

You should also dress comfortably and appropriately, and avoid any distractions or stress. You should listen carefully to the instructions and directions given by the examiner, and follow them accordingly. You should also be courteous and respectful to the examiner and other road users. You should avoid making any mistakes or errors, but if you do, you should correct them quickly and safely.

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NTSA Driving Test Results

After completing the driving test, results are typically available approximately 12 hours later.

To check your results, log in to the NTSA Ecitizen portal.

If your status displays “LICENSED,” then you have successfully passed the test.

Wrapping up

By following these tips and guidelines, you can prepare well for your NTSA Driving Test Exams and pass them with flying colors.

Remember, driving is a privilege and a responsibility, so you should always drive safely and responsibly.


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