How to Increase your Fuliza Limit: Everything you Need to Know

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Want to enjoy more benefits from Fuliza? Learn how to increase your Fuliza limit and never miss out on any opportunity. Follow these simple tips and tricks to boost your credit score and get more money when you need it/IMAGE CREDIT: Safaricom

If you’re seeking a fast and dependable remedy for your current financial challenges, Fuliza is here to assist you.

Fuliza is an ongoing overdraft service that enables M-PESA customers of Safaricom to carry out their M-PESA transactions, even if their M-PESA account doesn’t have sufficient funds.

To benefit from Fuliza M-PESA overdraft services, customers must be registered on M-PESA with an active Safaricom M-PESA line. Opting into the Fuliza service is necessary to access its features.

Follow these steps to OPT in:

  • Dial *334# from your Safaricom line or use the Safaricom App
  • Select Loans and Savings>> Select FULIZA
  • Then select OPT in

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How to increase your Fuliza limit

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How to increase your Fuliza limit/IMAGE CREDIT: Safaricom

Here are four effective ways to increase your Fuliza M-PESA loan limit:

  1. Transact with Fuliza Often: Engage in frequent transactions with Fuliza to demonstrate your loyalty and reliability. In addition to borrowing from the overdraft service, use it to pay bills regularly. Your consistent use of Fuliza signals to Safaricom that you are a valued customer, leading to a potential increase in your limit.
  2. Continuous Use of M-PESA and Safaricom Services: Increase your Fuliza limit by maintaining regular use of M-PESA and other Safaricom services. This involves not only loyalty to Fuliza but also active participation in Safaricom’s broader range of offerings. Regularly purchase airtime, make calls, send texts, and utilize other Safaricom services, including timely repayment of Okoa Jahazi and other available services.
  3. Repay Your Fuliza on Time: Ensure timely repayment of your Fuliza loan to maintain your eligibility for the service. Repaying your loan before the due date or even earlier contributes to building trust with the provider, potentially resulting in higher limits. Fuliza offers a 30-day repayment period, providing ample time to settle your outstanding balances and maintain a positive relationship with Safaricom.
  4. Keep Away from CRB: Avoid being listed on the Credit Reference Bureau (CRB) to enhance your chances of increasing your Fuliza limit. Steer clear of borrowing from other lending apps and failing to repay promptly, as this may negatively impact your Fuliza eligibility. Being blacklisted by CRB can lead to loan denial or a reduction in your limit. Demonstrating responsible borrowing behavior with other lending platforms can contribute to a positive credit profile.

By following these steps, you can optimize your Fuliza M-PESA experience and potentially secure a higher loan limit.

What to do if your Fuliza Limit is Zero

If you find yourself with a Fuliza limit of zero, there are several possible reasons for this, including having an M-PESA account less than six months old, negative changes in your M-PESA account, being blacklisted by the Credit Reference Bureau (CRB), defaulting on an M-Shwari loan, or having a less active M-PESA account with fewer transactions.

To increase your Fuliza limit from zero, follow these steps:

  1. Dial *234# from your phone.
  2. Navigate to Fuliza M-PESA.
  3. Opt-out of Fuliza.
  4. Dial *234# again and opt-in to Fuliza.

After opting out and in, you’ll need to wait for the Safaricom Fuliza review team to automatically assess and update your limit. This process may result in an increased limit, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of Fuliza up to a certain amount, depending on your previous M-PESA transactions.

NOTE: For those with Fuliza limits, Opting in and out may either increase or reduce the Fuliza limit to zero.

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Fuliza Statement/IMAGE CREDIT: Instagram


Fuliza M-PESA FAQs

How many times can I use Fuliza M-PESA?

You can use it as many times as needed as long as you are within the allocated Fuliza M-PESA limit.

Can I withdraw money from Fuliza?

Yes. You can withdraw funds from an M-PESA agent using Fuliza M-PESA.

How will I repay my Fuliza M-PESA?

Safaricom uses any funds received or deposited in your M-PESA account to automatically clear your outstanding Fuliza M-PESA.

Are there any Penalties for late repayment?

Your access to the Fuliza M-PESA limit will be restricted if there is any outstanding balance after the 30th day. However, full repayment of your Fuliza balance will reinstate your access.


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