KRG The Don: The Real Name, Age, Wife, and Net Worth of Kenya’s Controversial Musician

Who is KRG The Don?

KRG The Don, also known as Karuga Kimani, is a very famous entertainer in Kenya.

He became well-known for living a flashy and showy life online, catching the attention of a lot of fans.

He was born on January 14th, 1991.

According to Kiss 100, his dad is Kikuyu, and his mom is Indian.

He was born in Naivasha, and he went to nursery school there. Later, his family moved to Kisii, where he continued his studies and spent a big part of his early years.

An image of KRG The Don, the Kenyan Rapper
Who is KRG the Don and how did he become one of Kenya’s richest musicians? Discover his biography, education, relationships, net worth, and musical journey in this article/Image Credit: Instagram

KRG The Don’s profile summary

Fact Description
Full name Karuga Kimani
Nickname KRG The Don
Gender Male
Date of birth January 14th, 1991
Age 33 years old (As of 2024)
Zodiac sign Capricorn
Place of birth Naivasha, Kenya
Nationality Kenyan
Ethnicity Mixed (Kikuyu-Indian)
Religion Christianity
Profession Musician
Sexual orientation Straight
Marital status Divorced


How old is KRG The Don?

Kenyan rapper KRG The Don is 33 years old as of 2024.

An infographic showing 5 facts about KRG The Don
An infographic showing 5 facts about KRG The Don.

Which tribe is KRG the Don from?

KRG the Don of a mixed race, with Indian and Kikuyu roots.

Despite his actual background, some individuals often mistake him for being a Kisii, possibly because of his accent.

As stated earlier this may also be because he spent a big part of his early years in Kisii.


Who are KRG The Don’s Siblings?

KRG The Don has four siblings; 2 sisters and 2 brothers.

Who is KRG The Don’s Wife?

KRG The Don was previously married to Linah Wanjiru, who is three years older than him.

KRG divorced his wife after she allegedly cheated on him with another man

They got married when Linah was 26 years old, and KRG was 23.

Their wedding took place at the Attorney General’s office.

Additionally, KRG has three baby mamas, indicating that he has children with three different women from past relationships.

What is KRG the Don’s Net worth?

In an interview with Citizen TV, Kenyan rapper KRG The Don mentioned that his net worth, as of a year ago, was over four billion, and he believes it has increased due to his investments.

KRG’s net worth is estimated to be Sh4.2 billion.

He confidently stated that he is so wealthy and smart that even if he slept for fifty years, no one could surpass his wealth.

KRG emphasized that he is an established businessman with various legitimate sources of income, and he asserted that it’s nobody’s business how he earns his money.

Where does KRG get his money?

The rapper revealed that he engages in legitimate businesses, some of which are unknown to the public, and emphasized that he pays taxes.

He stated that he operates both locally and internationally, conducting business for people in different countries.

KRG firmly stated that he doesn’t need to explain his financial affairs unless there are legitimate questions or inquiries from authorities.

Bottom Line

KRG the Don is a Kenyan musician and entrepreneur who has amassed a fortune of over Ksh 4 billion.

He is known for his lavish lifestyle, controversial music, and mysterious sources of income.

KRG the Don has been involved in several businesses, including shylocking, construction, tours and safaris, and entertainment.

He has also faced challenges in his personal life, such as divorce and rumors of illicit activities.

Despite the criticism and skepticism, KRG the Don remains confident and ambitious, aiming to reach the level of global billionaires like Elon Musk.

He is one of the most influential and controversial figures in the Kenyan entertainment industry.


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