Pastor Ezekiel: Biography, Age, Family, Net Worth of the Man Behind the Mega Ministry

Who is Pastor Ezekiel?

Pastor Ezekiel Odero is a name that has been making headlines in Kenya and beyond.

He is the founder and leader of the New Life Church, a mega ministry that attracts thousands of followers and admirers.

But who is Pastor Ezekiel, and what is his story?

An image of Pastor Ezekiel Preaching
You’ve heard of Pastor Ezekiel, the charismatic leader of the New Life Church. But do you know his biography, age, tribe, marriage, children, ministry, and net worth? Read this article to learn everything you need to know about him/Image Credit: Facebook

In this article, we will explore his biography, age, tribe, marriage, children, ministry, and net worth.

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Pastor Ezekiel Biography

Pastor Ezekiel Odero was born in the 1970s on Rusinga Island, Homabay County.

He came from a poor family and was raised by his mother and grandfather.

He had a humble beginning and faced many challenges in his early life.

Ezekiel dropped out of college due to financial problems and worked as a mason in Mombasa.

He was also involved in fishing and farming to make ends meet.

An infographic showing 5 facts about Pastor Ezekiel Odero
An infographic showing 5 facts about Pastor Ezekiel Odero.

What is Pastor Ezekiel’s Age and Tribe?

Pastor Ezekiel is in his 40s or 50s as of 2024.

He has not revealed his exact date of birth.

Pastor Ezekiel is a Kenyan citizen and belongs to the Luo ethnic group.

He is fluent in English, Swahili, and Dholuo languages.

Pastor Ezekiel Marriage

Pastor Ezekiel is happily married to Pastor Sarah Odero, his wife and partner in his church ministry.

The two met in Mombasa when Ezekiel was working as a mason.

Their relationship blossomed into romance after spending time together, leading Ezekiel to propose marriage.

They tied the knot in a simple ceremony and have been together for over 10 years.

An image of Pastor Ezekiel and his wife, Sarah
Pastor Ezekiel and his wife, Sarah/Image Credit: Facebook

How many children does Pastor Ezekiel have?

Pastor Ezekiel and Pastor Sarah have three children. Two of them are their biological kids, while one is adopted.

The adopted child is Ezekiel’s brother’s son, whom they took in after his parents died.

Ezekiel loves his children and provides them with the best education and care.

He also supports many other needy children in his community and church.

Pastor Ezekiel Ministry

Pastor Ezekiel is the founder and leader of the New Life Church, a fast-growing and influential ministry in Kenya.

He started the church in Shanzu, Mombasa, but later relocated it to Mavueni, Kilifi County.

He has a vision to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations and to transform lives through the power of prayer and the word of God.

Ezekiel is known for his charismatic and anointed preaching, which draws huge crowds to his church and crusades.

He also performs miracles, signs, and wonders, such as healing the sick, casting out demons, and prophesying.

Ezekiel has a popular TV channel, New Life TV, where he broadcasts his sermons and testimonies.

He also has a large following on social media platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

How big is Pastor Ezekiel’s church?

His church, New Life Church, is one of the largest and fastest-growing churches in Kenya.

As stated earlier it has a main branch in Mavueni, Kilifi County, and several other branches across the country.

It also has a TV channel, New Life TV, where it broadcasts its services and programs.

The church is known for attracting huge crowds to its services and crusades, sometimes exceeding 45,000 people.

Inside, there’s a fancy lounge where people can relax, a restaurant to eat together, and even a place for banking services.

There’s also a special spot where people can get fresh water, like a fountain.

Plus, there’s a school for kids from different countries and places to stay for people who are visiting.

Overall, the Church Complex is more than just buildings. It’s a place where people come together to worship, learn, and be part of a community that shares beliefs and values.

It’s like a big, welcoming home for anyone seeking faith and connection.

An image of Pastor Ezekiel New Life Church Prayer Center
Pastor Ezekiel New Life Church Prayer Center/Image Credit: Facebook

Is Pastor Ezekiel the Richest Pastor in Kenya?

Pastor Ezekiel is one of the richest pastors in Kenya, with an estimated net worth of over Ksh 1 billion.

He has amassed his wealth from his ministry, business ventures, and donations from his followers and well-wishers.

Ezekiel owns several properties, such as a mansion in Mavueni, a private jet, and a fleet of luxury cars.

He also runs several projects, such as a school, an orphanage, a hospital, and a relief food mission.


He is a remarkable man who has risen from rags to riches by the grace of God.

He is a devoted servant of God who has touched and changed many lives through his ministry.

Ezekiel is a loving husband, father, and mentor to many.

He is a role model and an inspiration to many Kenyans and beyond.


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